hound is so transphobic smh im not even going into detail

Which is really ironic cause isn’t hound nonbinary?

hound said it was okay to be an oppressor

idc if theyre nonbinary uwu

Yeah on their blog they say they are “genderfluid, but predominantly agender.”

Which I find laughable since if I recall correctly they picked on Splash for being a gender who’s definition is “genderfluid, but predominantly agender.”

theyre genderfluid so im using they/them but they still said its okay to be an oppressor. 

Oh I’m not saying this behavior is alright in the slightest. Don’t mistake that. I’m pointing out that their behavior is sad to witness and that in the end hound is only hurting themself. The fact that they are in the process of being exiled out of the otherkin tumblr community (whole different conversation about why it isn’t a community later) is proof enough that their self destructive and outwardly destructive behavioral pattern is only going to end with them being alone.

ah i see what you mean uwu hound does have some supporters though. they wont be completely alone. its just that most of the otherkin community are into social justice, and when she said that cishets are people too, many of them felt targeted out, and therefore unfollowed her. i dont really think the staff will kick you off unless you violate their ToS so while hound may get rejected by the otherkin community for their gross behavior, theyll still be able to blog.

My only comment: Who is the “her” you’re referring to in your last statement? It shouldn’t be Hound because they specifically request gender non-specific pronouns, but I can’t link it back to anyone else.



alright here goes..

  • I’m sorry for the drama I’ve caused
  • I’m sorry for the tag chaos I’ve caused
  • I’m sorry for those who got caught in the crossfire and hurt because of me (either emotionally or sh)
  • I’m sorry for making anyone feel unsafe for me having my opinions
  • I’m sorry for those of you who are just trying to stay out of this shit and are being harassed/excluded just for trying to stay neutral
  • I’m sorry for anything callous I have said to any individuals while I was hurt/angry
  • I’m sorry for ever coming across as ableist/transphobic
  • I’m sorry for worrying any of you with my absence


  • I’m NOT sorry for calling out users who deserved it
  • I’m NOT sorry for defending myself and my friends by making this blog
  • I’m NOT sorry for trying to make users accountable for their actions
  • I’m NOT sorry for feeling invalidated by tumblrgenders
  • I’m NOT sorry for asking people to treat cisgender or heterosexual folks with civility until they show they are trans/homophobic
  • and I am DEFINITELY not sorry for having my opinions and staying true to them

if you have any problems with that, feel free to try to bring it up with me in a CIVILIZED fashion, or decide to agree-to-disagree; but otherwise we wouldn’t get along anyways so it’s probably best for you and me both if you just block me and move on with your life


Anonymous asked:

honestly, a good idea is to delete the drama blog, and encourage your followers to do the same with their drama blogs. these blogs will only keep the hate rolling. you've apologized many times, clarified, etc etc etc. why not let it blow over instead of creating a blog only meant to hate??

dramahound answered:

hmm I’m just going to answer this quick while I’m lurking since it’s at the top of my asks..

I will not be deleting this blog. Doing so would indicate that I feel like it was a bad choice and it wasn’t. I was being harassed to the point of needing to make an entirely separate blog just to DEFEND myself. That’s fucked up.

I’ll continue to apologize and clarify, however from now on I will try to pull back my frustration and anger and simply correct misleading posts without slinging harsh words/insults like I have been. I feel really bad about that, but at the same time I don’t because I only ever slung them at people who said far worse shit about me for weeks. But, again, from now on I will respond as peacefully as possible (there will probably still be a lot of 'fuck' thrown in my responses, as I really don’t know how to communicate otherwise lmao)

If you wanna talk about blogs that need to get fucking deleted and are only made to hate you should swing yourself over to 'hellhoundk1n' and look at how pathetic that shit is js. THAT is a hateblog. This is a drama/defense blog. There’s a big difference. And a blog like that really should show you why this blog will continue to be necessary.

thank you for voicing your concern, though anon <3



People seriously created an entire hateblog just around you? What the fucking fuck

yeah but I’m the immature one for having this blog lmfao

but really it just makes me feel powerful. Like WOW my opinion is SO substantial to someone that they took time out of their day to make an entire blog dedicated to me

thanks whoever you are <33

And they’re actually accusing you of trying to kill people. Like wow. They think you are SO powerful that you can kill people you’ve never even spoken to.



Using the word idiotic and other ablest words tryin to defend ur self bc u were called out on being ablest, being transphobic despite being non binary/lgbt ur self, policing other peoples triggers and making fun of them, and claiming to be the “mother” of a group while also reblogging posts about gender and identity, saying “your the reason we get so much hate” and policing their gender calling them “gender special”

B) pukes

Fucking drop it already. You fuckers all yell at them for their drama supposedly “causing” someone to self-harm, but they post a read more very possibly indicating suicidal intentions and you don’t BACK THE FUCK OFF???

All of your fucking arguments have been answered more than once by them.
Now they may very well be thinking of killing themself and you STILL don’t back off.
Gods you people make me fucking sick.



People are literally now using “tumblrgender” to insult nonbinary kin who use a nonstandard identity and it’s really disgusting and honestly it’s no damn surprise that oppressors have found yet another way to be oppressive of nonbinary/trans individuals

I’m seeing nonbinary kin calling other nonbinary kin ”tumblrgender” as if we don’t already deal with being told we aren’t fucking real enough. You’re invalidating your own kin and trans siblings at this point and making me, a dysphoric trans kin who’s been out as nonbinary for over half a year, hesitant to identify as kingender or elegender because apparently I will be told by my own trans and otherkin siblings that I am “just a joke on Tumblr”

I’m elegender because of my kintype. I’m kingender because my gender, elegender, was affected by my kintype. I have been nonbinary since before I was otherkin and my identity is just as fucking valid as anyone else’s, and the fact that I have to now say that to other kin is so fucking gross and terrifying because I now am no longer seen as valid by members of my own fucking community.

If you support the “tumblrgender” shit, congratulations, you’re shitting all over people who you know firsthand are already told constantly that they aren’t real, being hypocritical as fuck, being just as damaging as truscum, and are just plain trash.

Hey dramahound


Anonymous asked:

Ok my friend is literally forced to wait with transitioning and has to work so hard to prove to doctors they are not a 13 year old identifying as some kind of (non dysphoric, of course) nano magi boy or whatever...dn't tell me this shit isn't harmful

dramahound answered:


This. Fucking. THis. 

I’M even seriously delayed in my transition as an ADULT because my old fucking psychiatrist wouldn’t write me a letter even though I’d been living full-time as male for over 2 years because she didn’t think I’d “thought it through enough.” 

THIS is why this bullshit is harmful.